14 | FMP: Final Outcome

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In a world where language learning opportunities are limited to unpredictable stressful encounters and channels that fail to equip learners with real-world vocabulary, it is essential to understand that acquiring a language is rarely a linear process. With the use of formal language lessons and abstracted situations, current language learning practices were proven to lack context, enabling an endless loop of lost motivation. As a response, Retrio is an attempt for a more contextualised experience. This work in progress presents a digital scenario-based retrieval system for informal language learning. It is a personal library allowing people to keep track of their daily encounters and turn them into a language learning experience. This application gives the freedom for users to capture information in various mediums (text, audio, visuals…), to consequently organise them through personalized “scenarios”.

Introductionary video

User journey — a wander around the Hong Kong underground.

And that’s it, folks! It’s been a crazy, intense journey, and I’m sad it’s already over. Endless thank yous to my amazing, amazing project partners (Kate & Tatiana), my course tutors (John 🐙, Al, Mor and Greg) as well as the rest of our cohort. I couldn’t have done any of this without you all!

Over and out — see you on the next adventure!



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